About Us

Badminton New Zealand is the national body responsible for the promotion and development of badminton in New Zealand. We were established in 1927 and were a founding member of the International Badminton Federation (now BWF), which was established in 1934. Badminton New Zealand was incorporated on 26 May 1938.

Badminton New Zealand belongs to the Oceania Confederation, along with Australia and many Pacific Island nations.

In New Zealand, Badminton is the fastest growing sport in secondary schools, with more than 10,000 participants, having overtaken all other racquet sports to be the number one racquet sport for young people 13-18 years old.

Our purpose is "Inspiring Kiwis to Love Badminton for Life"


Stephen Nelson
Chief Executive
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Donna Trow
General Manager
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Colleen Van de Laar
Office Manager
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Jonathon Stone
Events and Communications Manager
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Sam Paterson

Sam Paterson
Community Manager
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Michelle Au

Michelle Au
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
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Rikke Olsen Siegemund
Performance Manager
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Justine Villegas
Events Coordinator
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Philipp Döhrn
Media and Content Creation Intern
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Contact Details
OfficePettigrew.Green Arena
480 Gloucester Street
Auckland OfficeBadminton North Harbour
47 Bond Crescent
Forrest Hill
Postal AddressPO Box 7537
Napier 4141
Telephone(06) 845 9336 ext. 740
Fax(06) 845 3983


Ian Willans (President)

John Moody (Chair)

Nigel Skelt

Simone Naylor

Danny Chan

Susannah Leydon-Davis

Christina Yu

Simon Lin
(Board Intern)