Officials are a crucial component of any quality event or competition. Requiring a cool head under high tension and profile situations is a must to ensure that the rules and regulations of badminton are adhered to and respected.

Badminton New Zealand is extremely lucky to have a highly sought after group of officials that drive this area. Our officials committee and registered members can be seen all around the country lending their hands to our events that help to ensure that players participate in the sport through the official rules and regulations.

Upcoming Courses

Accredited Referee Training

Accredited Umpire Training

Become an Official

​​​​​​​If you are interested in becoming an Umpire or Referee please contact:

Simon Lin
Chair, Technical Officials Committee
022 078


The Technical Officials Committee oversee appointments and training.

The committee is:

  • Simon Lin (Chair)
  • Trish Gubb
  • Kelvin Tsui
  • Janice Cudby
  • Lynne Dobson
  • Chin Fong