International Events

To enter an international event, please complete the form below.

A BWF number is required to enter international events. If you do not have a BWF number, please contact to request one (a fee applies).

These details must be received by 5pm on the Friday prior to the close of entries (on the following Tuesday).  Please follow up if you do not receive confirmation of the entry by 5pm Monday.

Please note that players are responsible for following up entries.

If you do not receive a confirmation email from Badminton New Zealand then you have not been entered.

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Terms and Conditions

I am a registered member of an association affiliated to Badminton New Zealand.

I confirm that I meet the BWF eligibility criteria to represent New Zealand in the event I am entering.

I accept that I am responsible for all entry fees and any penalty fines I may incur due to non-compliance with the BWF rules and regulations.

I understand that entry fees must be paid according to the details on the event prospectus, which will in most cases involve an overseas payment, very soon after the closing date.

I agree to pay any penalty fine as invoiced by Badminton New Zealand plus a 10% administration fee.


I acknowledge that Badminton New Zealand reserves the right to refuse an entry request based on non-compliance with the entry criteria or any outstanding financial payments.

I will meet all rules and regulations of the event and the BWF and conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all times.