Para Badminton

What is Para Badminton?

Badminton is a Paralympic sport, with it's debut earlier this year at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has confirmed badminton for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

In Para badminton, athletes can compete in singles, doubles or mixed with categorisation into sport classes. The classifications for para badminton are;

Wheelchair 1 (WH1)Players in this class require a wheelchair to play badminton. Players in this Sport Class usually have impairment in both lower limbs and trunk function.
Wheelchair 2 (WH2)A player in this class could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and minimal or no impairment of the trunk. Players are required to play in a wheelchair in this class.
Standing Lower (SL3)In this class, a player must play standing. The player could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and poor walking/running balance.
Standing Lower (SL4)In this standing class, a player has a lesser impairment compared to Sport Class SL3. The player could have impairment in one or both lower limbs and minimal impairment in walking/running balance.
Standing Upper (SU5)The players in this class have impairment to the upper limbs. The impairment could be on the playing or non-playing hand.
Short Stature (SH6)The players in this class have short stature, due to a genetic condition often referred to as 'dwarfism'.
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