Integrity Framework

Child Safeguarding and Protection

Participant & Community Wellbeing

Drug Free and Anti-Doping


Children and young people have the right to be free from harm and abuse when they participate in badminton. Child safeguarding is the set of actions organisations can take to keep them safe from harm.

Badminton New Zealand recommends that all badminton organisations working with young people have the following in place:

  1. A Child Safeguarding Policy
  2. Codes of Conduct - for players and adults
  3. A Child Safeguarding Practice Plan
  4. Child Safeguarding Response Resources

Learn more about how Badminton New Zealand endeavors to keep kids safe with policy, practice and response. This links through to policies and procedures that you can use in your badminton organisation.

Please contact Badminton New Zealand if you would like help or support in this area (


Quality, positive badminton experiences for participants and the community build physical and social wellbeing.

Badminton New Zealand recognizes that it has a role to play in ensuring the badminton environment for kiwis is positive and fair. This includes embracing the ‘Balance is Better’ philosophy, building strong policies and practice that promote and support diversity and inclusion while ensuring athlete voice and an organisational culture of transparency.


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Badminton New Zealand is committed to the advancement of clean sport that rejects cheating through the use of performance enhancing drugs and methods. Badminton New Zealand is in partnership with Drug Free Sport New Zealand to:

  • Promote a culture of clean sport
  • Deliver anti doping education
  • Organise and implement testing programmes
  • Report doping and suspicious activity
  • Support athletes to compete drug free

For full information about anti doping, visit


Badminton New Zealand recognises that betting is a legitimate pursuit, however illegal or fraudulent betting is not. Fraudulent betting on sport and the associated match-fixing or competition manipulation is an emerging and critical issue globally, for sport, the betting industry and governments alike.

Accordingly, Badminton New Zealand and its Member Organisations have a major obligation to address the threat of Match-Fixing, Competition Manipulation and the corruption that flows from that. Badminton New Zealand and its Member Organisations have a zero tolerance for illegal gambling and Match-Fixing.


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