Twelve of New Zealand's top association teams contested the prestigious Wisden and Slazenger Cup from the 7th to 9th of June. The 2024 event was held at the Waikato Badminton Stadium (60 Old Farm Road), with all ten courts in action across the three days of competition.

The pinnacle Inter-association competition will see all twelve teams begin in a qualification round, with the winning teams progressing into the Division 1 Wisden Cup, and the defeated teams, contesting the Division 2 Slazenger Cup. The teams compete in a 12-match round robin format, with five rounds of ties across the three days.

The 2023 Wisden Cup winners, North Harbour 1 will no doubt be looking to defend their title, as they meet newcomers, Canterbury 2 in the qualification round.

The 2023 Slazenger Cup winners, Counties Manukau, will challenge for a place in the Wisden Cup, as the face sixth-place Canterbury 1 in their qualification round. View the full qualification draw here.

Qualification Round

Friday 9:00am

As the intense qualification came to an end, we saw our 12 association teams split into their respective Wisden and Slazenger Cup round robin pools. The highlight of the qualification round was with Auckland 2 vs Wellington North, where the 8th seeds Wellington North defeated Auckland 2 who were seeded 5th, 7-5, securing their spot in the Wisden Cup.

Wisden Cup

  1. North Harbour 1
  2. Auckland 1
  3. North Harbour 2
  4. Waitakere
  5. Canterbury 1
  6. Wellington North

Slazenger Cup

  1. Auckland 2
  2. Counties Manukau
  3. Otago
  4. Waikato
  5. Nelson
  6. Canterbury 2

Round One

Friday 3:00pm

Wisden and Slazenger Cup participants have now been decided and teams strategically plan ahead for their remaining five ties of the competition. Round one in the Wisden Cup produced some amazing performances, with top ranked team North Harbour 1 leading from the front, sweeping Wellington North 12-0 in an outstanding display. In the Slazenger Cup, the tie between Auckland 2 and Canterbury 2 finished with Auckland 2 leading 11-1.

Wisden Cup

  • Auckland def. Waitakere - 10-2
  • North Harbour 1 def. Wellington - 12-0
  • North Harbour 2 def. Canterbury 1 - 7-5

Slazenger Cup

  • Counties Manukau def. Waikato - 7-5
  • Auckland 2 def. Canterbury 2 - 11-1
  • Otago def. Nelson - 10-2

Round Two

Saturday 9:00am

In round two of the Wisden Cup all of the predictable associations came out on top. North Harbour 2 vs Wellington North being the closest of all three fixtures with North Harbour 2 taking it narrowly 7-5 over Wellington North. Another fantastic performance from North Harbour 1, saw them defeat Waitakere, 12-0. Counties Manukau had a swift win over Nelson, 10-2. While Auckland 2 and Otago had closer ties against their opponents finishing 8-4.

Wisden Cup

  • Auckland 1 def. Canterbury 1- 10-2
  • North Harbour 1 def. Waitakere - 12-0
  • North Harbour 2 def. Wellington North - 7-5

Slazenger Cup

  • Counties Manukau def. Nelson - 10-2
  • Auckland 2 def. Waikato - 8-4
  • Otago def. Canterbury - 8-4

Round Three

Saturday 3:00pm

In the Wisden Cup round three, North Harbour 1 secures another win over home team North Harbour 2, 11-1. Canterbury 1 also secures a close win against Waitakere, 7-5. In the Slazenger Cup, Auckland 2, Waikato and Counties Manukau all came away with victories.

Wisden Cup

  • North Harbour 1 def. North Harbour 2 - 11-1
  • Waitakere lost to Canterbury 1 - 5-7
  • Auckland 1 def. Wellington North - 9-3

Slazenger Cup

  • Auckland 2 def. Otago - 7-5
  • Waikato def. Nelson - 12-0
  • Counties Manukau def. Canterbury 2- 11-1

Round Four

Sunday 9:00am

In the fourth round of the Wisden Cup, North Harbour 2 put up a strong fight but narrowly lost to Auckland 1, who were last year's runners-up, with a score of 5-7. North Harbour 1 and Waitakere walked away with relatively easy victories. In the Slazenger Cup, Counties Manukau, Auckland 2 and Waikato all came away with victories.

Wisden Cup

  • Auckland 1 def. North Harbour 2 - 7-5
  • North Harbour 1 def. Canterbury 1 - 11-1
  • Waitakere def. Wellington North - 9-3

Slazenger Cup

  • Counties Manukau def. Otago - 11-1
  • Auckland 2 def. Nelson - 10-2
  • Waikato def. Canterbury 2- 8-4

Round Five

Sunday 3:00pm

In the fifth and final round of the Wisden Cup, we saw the top seeds battle it out in the finals. North Harbour 1 performed strongly against Auckland 1 to claim the Wisden Cup, While North Harbour 2 defeats Waitakere, claiming third place. In the Slazenger Cup, Counties Manukau narrowly defeats Auckland 2, 7-5 securing the title for a second year. Waikato takes bronze with a swift victory against Otago. Nelson will now have to fight for survival in an end-of-season playoff against the top division three teams, who will certainly be hungry for promotion.

Wisden Cup

  • North Harbour 1 def. Auckland 1- 8-4
  • North Harbour 2 def. Waitakere - 8-4
  • Canterbury 1 def. Wellington North - 9-3

Slazenger Cup

  • Auckland 2 lost to Counties Manukau - 7-5
  • Otago lost to Waikato - 3-9
  • Nelson lost to Canterbury 2- 3-9


Congratulations to the 2024 Wisden cup winners, North Harbour 1; and Slazenger Cup winners, Counties Manukau.

The 2024 edition of the Junior NZBL is right around the corner!

This event showcases New Zealand's Top Under 15's and 19's players in a fast paced, action filled, team style tournament.


Congratulations to the below players on their selection.

Under 15's

Emmy XuCounties Manukau
Rebecca ZhangNorth Harbour
Zooni Butterfly AhujaCanterbury
Selena WuCounties Manukau
Rina KimCanterbury
Ariel SuCounties Manukau
Amelia BlackCanterbury
Luna YinCounties Manukau
Amy WangNorth Harbour
Jennie LiangNorth Harbour
Anna LuNorth Harbour
Amy ZhangNorth Harbour
Lucas QinWaikato
Michael HuiNorth Harbour
Jason Tong ShiqiNorth Harbour
Jasper WongCanterbury
Larry LiNorth Harbour
Tobias MiaoNorth Harbour
Lingyi ZhuCounties Manukau
Eben AnilCanterbury
Leo XuWaitakere
Ben RambaudCounties Manukau
Eric XueCanterbury
Tyler DreaverAuckland

Under 19's

Berry NgNorth Harbour
Xiaonan ChenAuckland
Amanda Ting North Harbour
Coco ZhuAuckland
Lillian CaoNorth Harbour
Rosie YangAuckland
Mia XuAuckland
Josephine ZhaoNorth Harbour
Natalie TingNorth Harbour
Josie LeeWaikato
Olivia YangWaitakere
Yanxi LiuNorth Harbour
Alex GaltNorth Harbour
Markis TewNorth Harbour
Jaden MingoaNorth Harbour
Eric LuAuckland
Raphael DeloyWaikato
Lezhi ZhuHawkes Bay
Jack JiNorth Harbour
Wesley LauAuckland
Jay Xuan TanCanterbury
Ryan Soo JonesNorth Harbour
Matthew ZhaoAuckland
Oscar WuCounties Manukau

The 2024 Junior NZBL will be held 19 – 21 April at Counties Manukau. 
Team & Coach Announcements will be named 12 April.