Racket, Equipment and Compliance

The following section refers to Laws of Badminton 4. Racket and 5. Equipment and Compliance.

  1. Racket
    1. The racket shall be a frame not exceeding 680 mm in overall length and 230 mm in overall width consisting of the main parts described in Laws 4.1.1 to 4.1.5 as illustrated in Diagram C.
      1. The handle is the part of the racket intended to be gripped by a player.
      2. The stringed area is the part of the racket with which it is intended that a player hits the shuttle.
      3. The head bounds the stringed area.
      4. The shaft connects the handle to the head (subject to Law 4.1.5).
      5. The throat (if present) connects the shaft to the head.
    2. The stringed area:
      1. shall be flat and consist of a pattern of crossed strings either alternately interlaced or bonded where they cross; and
      2. shall not exceed 280 mm in overall length and 220 mm in overall width. However, the strings may extend into an area which otherwise would be the throat, provided that:
        1. the width of the extended stringed area does not exceed 35 mm; and
        2. the overall length of the stringed area does not then exceed 330 mm.
    3. The racket:
      1. shall be free of attached objects and protrusions, other than those used solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear and tear, or vibration, or to distribute weight, or to secure the handle by cord to the player’s hand, and which are reasonable in size and placement for such purposes; and
      2. shall be free of any device that makes it possible for a player to change materially the shape of the racket.
  1. Equipment and Compliance
    1. Compliance - The Badminton World Federation shall rule on any question of whether any racket, shuttle or equipment or any prototype used in the playing of Badminton complies with the specifications. Such ruling may be undertaken on the Federation’s initiative or on application by any party with a bona fide interest, including any player, technical official, equipment manufacturer or Member Association or member thereof.
    2. Additional equipment for Para Badminton - For Para badminton, a wheelchair or a crutch may be used.
      1. A player’s body may be fixed to the wheelchair with an elastic belt.
      2. A wheelchair may be equipped with supporting wheels, which may extend beyond the main wheel.
      3. The player’s feet must be fixed to the footrest of the wheelchair.