The Role of the Service Judge

The principal role of the service judge is to closely observe every service during a match and decide whether each service complies with the Laws of Badminton

Other duties commonly carried out by the service judge include:

  • Distribution of shuttles, under the direction of the umpire. The new shuttle should always be given to the server, even if it is the receiver who returns the old shuttle (as demonstrated in Video Clip UMPV4).
  • Overseeing the wiping of the court, if necessary.
  • Assisting the umpire (as a backup) with:
    • keeping the score
    • timing intervals and any on-court incidents such as injuries
  • “Tipping” shuttles when they need to have their speed adjusted (as demonstrated in Video Clip UMPV5).

The following is not the responsibility of the service judge:

  • The umpire should determine if the server has delayed the serve too long after the server and receiver are both ready (Law 9.1.1).