Interaction with Other Technical Officials

Umpires are a key part of the technical officials team, and in order to carry out their functions to the best of their abilities, they need to have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the other technical officials. A more complete description can be found in the Laws of Badminton, but a brief overview is offered below.

The referee is in overall charge of the tournament or championship, and ensures that the competition is carried out in accordance with the Laws of Badminton and the relevant rules and regulations (BWF and/or other).

Service Judges
Umpires are also appointed to matches to act as service judges. In this capacity, they call service faults made by the server, should they occur. Unofficially, service judges also carry out other duties, such as dispensing shuttles to players. (More information about service judging is provided in Section 6.)

Line Judges
Line judges are responsible for indicating whether the shuttle lands “in” or “out” with respect to the line(s) they are assigned to monitor. They may also be responsible for mopping the court as instructed by umpire.

Respectful and professional interaction among the different technical officials makes everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable, along with achieving better results and projecting a positive image of the sport. Section 10 of this manual will discuss some tips for working successfully with the different court officials that make up the team (after the specific functions of the umpire have been addressed in greater detail).