After the Match

What the ITTO saysWhat this looks like in practiceFurther advice / good practice / additional considerations
At the end of the match, the umpire shall note the end time and duration of the match on the scoresheet.Once all players have shaken your hand and the hand of the service judge (if you have one), make your final announcement and then leave the umpire’s chair as soon as possible.

Complete the scoresheet correctly (as detailed in Section 7).

When you have completed the scoresheet, including any notes (as explained in Section 7), take it to the referee to be signed off. Let the referee know of any issues, warnings, line judge overrules, etc.
Just as your responsibility started when you walked onto the field of play, it does not end until you have left the court. You still have jurisdiction over what happens on court, and any player guilty of misconduct after the end of the final game of the match can still be warned or faulted.

It is important to get out of the chair as soon as possible. Line judges may be required to wait for the umpire before leaving the field of play, which can delay the following matches. You need to note the end time before you forget and make sure that you know how many shuttles were used, but any other notes can be written up after you have left the court.

If you are not marching off as a team (especially in smaller events), quickly check that the court is in good order for the next match and that any baskets for the players’ bags are neatly positioned before you leave the court.