BNZ Launches New Logo

March 24, 2020

Badminton New Zealand is excited to announce today the launch of their new logo, tying in with the soon to be released strategic plan for the coming four years.

Badminton New Zealand Chief Executive Joe Hitchcock feels it is time for a new look for the organisation.

“Badminton New Zealand has gone through a lot of change over the past five years, with plenty of new innovations and exciting progress being made in all areas. Our numbers across the board are booming, with more and more New Zealanders getting involved in badminton.

“It is time for us to be bold and present a fresh new face to the world - our new logo brings in a bit of Kiwi flair with the introduction of a fern, while maintaining a connection to our history. As we turn towards the future and challenge ourselves to inspire Kiwis to love badminton for life, it’s also important to remember where we’ve come from.”

Badminton New Zealand will be unveiling the new logo immediately across digital platforms and updating physical branding as these items are replaced in the normal course of business.