Meet the New Zealand World Junior Championship Team

September 21, 2023

The New Zealand Junior Team are gearing up to fly this weekend to own the global stage! New Zealand will be well represented by a strong group of juniors who will compete in the World Junior Mixed Team and Individual Championships in Spokane USA from September 25 to October 8.

The team will be competing against the following teams in the group stage - Chinese Taipei, Denmark Slovakia and Tahiti.

Meet the team!

Chris Benzie

Men's Singles
Men's Doubles : Jaden Mingoa

I want to thank my family and friends for their support. Also thanks to my coaches and association, North Harbour, for the ongoing assistance. Lastly, everyone who donated to help me show my skills to the world at the World Junior Championship. To wear the fern means a lot and I’ll make sure to wear it with pride.

Raphael Deloy

Men's Doubles : Sam Navarra
Mixed Doubles: Victoria Guo

Shoutout to my parents and friends for the support and also my sponsor which is AJ motor. I’m looking forward to competing against Chinese Taipei

Jaden Mingoa

Men’s Doubles: Chris Benzie
Mixed Doubles: Camellia Zhou

It’s an honour to represent New Zealand as it gives me pride to showcase the best of New Zealand. A big shoutout to my dad, Mike and my mum, Ana.

Sam Navarra

Men’s Singles
Men’s Doubles : Raphael Deloy

Very proud to represent NZ and carry around my family name. Very excited to compete at a world stage. Thanks to family, friends, missus and all sponsors for the support.

Lezhi Zhu

Men’s Singles
Mixed Doubles : Berry Ng

Victoria Guo

Women’s Singles
Mixed Doubles: Raphael Deloy

It’s a great honour to represent my country as well as those who have supported me in my badminton journey! Thank you to OKU New Zealand, Goldsmiths Gallery Jewellers, Urban Print, First Land Limited, Mitre 10.

Berry Ng

Women's Doubles : Camellia Zhou
Mixed Doubles : Lezhi Zhu

I feel honored because being able to wear the silver fern and represent New Zealand is a privilege.

Rosie Yang

Women's Singles
Women's Doubles : Josephine Zhao

I'm very proud to represent New Zealand. Shoutout to my family and friends and coaches and sponsors.

Josephine Zhao

Women's Singles
Women's Doubles : Rosie Yang

It means the world wear the silver fern and represent New Zealand. Thank you to my family, my friends, and my teammates.

Camellia Zhou

Women's Doubles : Berry Ng
Mixed Doubles : Jaden Mingoa

To represent New Zealand on an international stage, I have to represent with pride and mana, and to compete to the best of my abilities - it is an honour to wear the silver fern.

A huge shoutout to my family, friends, and coaches for helping me get where I am today. As well as Auckland Badminton Association for the ongoing support and Yonex for the gear.

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