BNZ Accredited Referee - Practical Opportunities

To ensure each BNZ Accredited Referee course participant receives suitable practical training, Badminton New Zealand have compiled the following list of opportunities.

Trainee Referee Opportunities - These events have a qualified referee onsite, who will ensure you receive a comprehensive training experience.

Event Experience Opportunities - These events do not have a qualified referee onsite, however will have an experienced event organiser that can support you to gain some learnings, such as how match control works, approving draws/schedules, checking team lists.

Please note that the cost of participation at any of these events will sit with the participants, i.e., you will be responsible for accommodation and travel costs.

Please indicate which events you would like to be considered for by Wednesday, 22nd June. Badminton New Zealand will then work with the lead Referees and Event Organisers to allocate opportunities to everyone.

As always, just reach out to Sam Paterson ( if you have any question.