Badminton Basics

For those who are new to the sport, badminton is:

  • a net game.
  • played on a rectangular court.
  • a volleying game, with the rallies beginning with an underarm serve.
  • a game that has five disciplines singles (men/women), doubles (men/women and mixed).

Singles badminton involves serving diagonally into a long, narrow service box. Rallying then continues on a long court with the border on the first side line.

Doubles badminton involves serving diagonally into a shorter, wider service box than in a singles badminton. After the serve, rallying takes place on the whole court area.

For players with a disability, court sizes are adapted according to the category of player under the para-badminton classification system.

The complete set of rules – Laws of Badminton and Regulations governing the sport, can be downloaded from the BWF website.